5 Reasons to make your powerline or pylon compensation claim in 2017

//5 Reasons to make your powerline or pylon compensation claim in 2017

5 Reasons to make your powerline or pylon compensation claim in 2017

You may have known that you are eligible for compensation for a long time and not done anything about it; some of our clients had been aware for years before contacting us. Of course no one can force you to act if you are not ready, but there are a few things you should know before waiting another year or so:

  1. At any point, your electricity network owner may discover that they already have rights over your property that they do not currently know about. This happens time and time again and put simply, it means that if you had claimed earlier, you would have been successful; now there is no chance of that. You can read more about this in the blog post I wrote previously HERE.
  2.  No one can forsee what changes in the law or policy may be introduced in the future. At the moment, we have a favourable system that rightly compensates people for losses in property value. There is no guarantee that it will remain this way forever.
  3. It can take upto 9 months to settle a claim, and you must own the property for the duration of the claim process. Many of our clients come to us just before they sell their property and we have to advise them that they cannot receive compensation if they sell the property before the process ends. If they do choose to sell, the compensation will be offered to the new owner instead. Make your claim before you start thinking about selling.
  4. Any compensation you receive now is worth more than the same sum of money 1 year later. With inflation and the rising costs of living, any amount you receive will go further today than it will in the future.
  5. “Why put off till tomorrow something you can do today?” We make the whole process risk free, pain free and simple. You can begin the process in under 5 minutes. Simply click on the link below.
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