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Wooden poles & power line compensation

Things have changed rather drastically since 2014 in relation to compensation for wooden poles and lines strung between them. The industry is still rather disorganised with some electricity companies still not accepting wooden pole claims, and others accepting and settling wooden pole claims in a very straightforward fashion. To help you decide if you may be [...]

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What exactly am I being compensated for?

W hat exactly am I being compensated for? This is a good question and one that some people may not fully understand the answer to. The law makes it clear that where powerlines or pylons cross over or encroach onto a person’s land and where there is no pre-existing permanent legal right for those powerlines or pylons [...]

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Living near power lines and pylons – Health Risks

In a recent study, it was apparently found that children who live near overhead power lines do not have an increased risk of developing leukaemia (source: We are not here to prove or dispute the validity of these findings at all. We are not experienced nor qualified to be able to speak on the issue [...]

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5 Reasons to make your powerline or pylon compensation claim in 2017

You may have known that you are eligible for compensation for a long time and not done anything about it; some of our clients had been aware for years before contacting us. Of course no one can force you to act if you are not ready, but there are a few things you should know [...]

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Landlords, Housing Associations & Developers Also Welcome

The majority of our clients (by number) are residential homeowners without a doubt,  however our biggest and most valuable cases are always those with a commercial aspect - landlords, social housing providers, housing associations and developers. The bottom line is; if you own property affected by power lines or pylons, then you may be entitled [...]

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Why time is of the essence when claiming

A successful claim relies on one important factor - that the electricity company which owns the offending powerlines/pylon does not already have a legal right for that equipment to be there. Often, no such rights exist and compensation will be payable however rights may have been obtained historically over a piece of land by the electricity board [...]

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“Pylon compensation” vs “Power line compensation”

Everybody seems to have their own name for it but many don't realise that we are talking about two different types of claim. POWERLINE Compensation is payable to property owners for the effect that overhead electricity lines have on the value of their property PROVIDED THAT those lines cross over the property or are close [...]

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Power line compensation and pylon compensation letters

You are probably on this website right now because you have received a letter from PCC, Thomson Broadbent or another power line and pylon compensation agent. Many of our clients ask whether we write letters to homeowners on a speculative basis in the same way as the other agents, and the answer is that we [...]

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Mortgage companies, power line compensation and property values

If you have a mortgage over your property and you make a claim for power line compensation, your mortgage company will be asked to give their consent to the transaction. This is because your house is their security and they have a legal right to object to you granting rights over it if they feel [...]

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The powerlines were there before I bought the house

Whether the power lines were there before you or not is irrelevant. You can still make a claim! This is because a claim for power line or pylon compensation is based on the fact that those power lines or pylons are currently over or on your property with no permanent legal right for them to [...]

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