What exactly am I being compensated for?

//What exactly am I being compensated for?

What exactly am I being compensated for?

What exactly am I being compensated for?

This is a good question and one that some people may not fully understand the answer to.

The law makes it clear that where powerlines or pylons cross over or encroach onto a person’s land and where there is no pre-existing permanent legal right for those powerlines or pylons to do so, the electricity company responsible for those powerlines or pylons must compensate the land owner to the extent that the property interest is devalued by the existence of those powerlines or pylons.

So devaluation is the all important factor here.

Many people mistakenly believe that so long as there are powerlines in the vicinity of their property that compensation may be available. Sadly for them (and us) it is not this simple.

Compensation is NOT available just because:

  • you can see powerlines or pylons from your house;
  • the powerlines make an annoying humming noise;
  • there is a pylon in a nearby field;
  • there are health concerns surrounding powerlines;
  • the powerlines attract birds.

However, if you meet the criteria in having powerlines or a pylon over or on your property, then we can probably get you compensation by showing that any or all of those factors are having a negative impact on your property value.

This is merely a simplified illustration of the point, and in reality we will use all sorts of factors in putting a claim together that are beyond the scope of a blog post. However the point is that proving that you are entitled to compensation (and certainly obtaining maximum compensation) is not a simple box ticking exercise. It’s the area where people struggle the most and for this reason it’s the area where we shine.


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