Can I claim for wooden poles and associated lines?

Please see our wooden pole compensation eligibility check page, here.

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How long does the process take?

The average claim takes around 9 months to complete, however there are various factors which can have an impact on this. We have had some claims complete in 3 months and others over one year. We can you give you a good estimate for your particular circumstances once we have a few details.

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How much will it cost me?

You pay nothing up front and you pay us a fixed percentage of the amount of compensation that you actually receive. If you never receive any, you don’t pay anything. It’s that simple – there is nothing else to pay.

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How much will I receive?

The amount you will receive varies; it is based on a number of factors such as the value of your property, the voltage of the lines and the distance of the lines from the actual dwelling. Typically, settlements are between 3-5% of the property value for power lines only and upto 25% where there are [...]

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Which Electricity Network?

Electricity distribution equipment is owned and operated by either National Grid or the regional District Network Operator (DNO) for your region. We can determine whether the equipment affecting your property is owned by National Grid or your regional DNO. Below is a map showing DNO coverage by region (Copyright National Grid).      

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Instead of claiming compensation, can I just ask for the power line to be removed?

The network operator enjoys statutory protection for its equipment under the Electricity Act 1989. It can apply to the Secretary of State for a Compulsory Purchase Order to obtain the right to keep it in place. The land owner would then be faced with large legal bills which are often bigger than the amount awarded [...]

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How will this affect my Property Value?

Property values are affected by the existence of the electricity lines. If you cannot have the line removed, your property value will always be blighted by that electricity line, whether or not you choose to take this opportunity to claim compensation. In real world terms; nothing changes.

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Will I have to pay anything?

No. The network operator pays all expenses and we act as your agent on a contingency (no win, no fee) basis for a commission This means that you never have to pay anything. And if we cannot get you compensation then we do not get paid.

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By claiming compensation, am I signing away my right to compensation if it is ever proven that Electricity Lines damage health?

Accepting overhead power line compensation for the de-valuation of your home is NOT in any way accepting any health risks associated with living near to electricity lines. If any link is ever established between poor health and electricity lines, you will have the same rights to compensation for any adverse health effects whether or not [...]

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The Electricity Lines are not directly above my House?

Even if the power lines are not directly above your property, if they are close enough then they will swing into the airspace above your property in strong winds and the electricity network operator will pay for the right for the power lines to do just this.

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