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When it comes to claiming compensation for the effects of wooden pole mounted electricity equipment on property, the industry is still rather disorganised with some electricity companies still not accepting wooden pole claims, and others accepting and settling wooden pole claims in a very straightforward fashion. To help you decide if you may be eligible, we have developed this wooden pole claim eligibility checker.

To begin, please identify the type of wooden pole affecting your property from the images below. If the pole is not on your property but the lines are, then the same procedure will apply.

wooden pole profiles

11kV and 33kV networks are referred to as “high voltage” and 230/400v networks are referred to as “low voltage”. High voltage networks distribute electricity around a region and the voltage will usually be stepped down by a transformer before being fed into the low voltage network. The low voltage network encompasses the power supply lines for individual properties.

NOTE: You may see a sticker on any one of these poles which reads ‘Danger – High Voltage’ which is a warning that touching the lines is dangerous; it is not indicative of the actual voltage of the network.

To determine which electricity distributor owns the equipment, enter your postcode into SSE’s handy distributor checking tool – HERE . It will instantly identify the correct distributor for your address.

Once you have identified both the type of equipment (high or low voltage) and the electricity company responsible for it, use our table below to determine whether you may be eligible to claim:


[table caption=”Eligibility Table” width=”1000″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left” ] Voltage,WPD,Scottish Hydro,Southern Electric,UK Power Networks,Others


If you maybe eligible for compensation, please make an enquiry with us HERE where we will be happy to discuss your circumstances in more detail.

If you are not eligible, please check back here regularly as electricity companies who currently do not offer wooden pole compensation are likely to change their policies in the future, in line with those that do.